Radio Waves has projects for the future... and it involves you

You didn't have the chance to join us this semester ? You still have multiple possibilities to invest yourself in incredible projects for the year to come...

 Space situational awareness (SSA)

We plan on building a collaboration with the SSA EPFL team, whose goal is to categorise every traceable object in earth orbit and hence help prevent dramatic impacts. Considering the increasing number of space debris and satellites, organise spatial traffic is of crucial importance. 

5G on campus

With our daily data needs becoming increasingly prominent in our technological world, we must be able to monitor the activity on campus by determining various properties which come with WiFi networks or even 5G.

The EPFL, a future ground station for satellites ?

This project aims to communicate with or track satellites such as the EPFL CubeSats of the CHESS mission or even the ESA CHEOPS satellite. This would allow students on campus to gather their own data, without having to rely on outside sources of informations as well as provide redundancy for a Swiss Ground Station.